All men must hack

What is Game Of Hacks?

Game Of Hacks is an opportunity for you to innovate, experiment and design those great ideas you just haven’t had the time to get to.


What's new this time?


This time around, we have two categories of hacks -
  1. Tech Hackathon
  2. Non-tech Hackathon



What can I work on in the Tech Hackathon?


Anything you want! You get 24 hrs to develop your best hack, it might be a mash up, it might be food tech related (or not), your hack might be a tool to improve your daily work…its your hack and you get to decide but in the end it has to be a working hack. Code it! No PowerPoint.


What is this Non-Tech Hackathon?

Your don't need to code to show your innovation and skills. Show us your creativity by creating a marketing campaign that makes Swiggy more popular. You can make Tv ad, jingles, posters, technology to drive a campaign or using social media( or all of the above. Use multiple channels in your marketing campaign. Extra points for keeping it realistic. Demos only. No PowerPoint!

What type of marketing campaigns can I work on?

It can be anything and everything. Be as creative as you can. We will give you a theme a day in advance. Sticking to the theme will have bonus points. You can make a TV ad, posters, a jingle or more brilliant ideas

You haven't mentioned the idea I want to propose in my marketing campaign?

All your ideas are welcome. Whats mentioned above are only the broad guidelines, but the more innovative your idea of marketing Swiggy is, the more points you get.

Can only Marketing team participate in Non-tech hack?

No, It's open to everybody. This event is primarily for all non-engineering teams, but anyone and everyone can participate in the same.


Wow! How do I participate?



  • All Swiggy employees can participate in either of the hacks.
  • Maximum of 5 members in a team (max 2 people from same team)
  • There can be one non-Swiggy member in tech hack teams
  More details to follow. Stay tuned!   If you doubts regarding the event or rules, please reach out to Manisha( or Tejeshwar( or Preeti(

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$40,000 in prizes

Multiple categories (4)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Shri Harsha

Shri Harsha



Nandan Reddy

Nandan Reddy

Judging Criteria

  • Most useful for Swiggy
  • Best Team Name
  • Best Flag